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Lineman safety should always be the top priority. Creating a lineman safety equipment list to help protect the workers is essential. The list must be comprehensive enough to include everything lineman workers need to stay safe. In this blog post, our goal is to help you create an effective lineman safety equipment list to increase safety in the workplace. 

Consider comfort when creating your list. Make sure your employees have access to all the PPE they need, such as: 

  • Advanced illumination gear such as the Halo SL 
  • Safety glasses 
  • Safety gloves 
  • Safety helmet such as a hard hat 
  • Steel-toed boots 
  • Rubber sleeves 
  • Flame resistant clothing 
  • Hot stick 
  • Climbers 
  • Climbing belt 

These PPE examples perform crucial roles in preventing injuries. It is good to involve workers in the planning to identify any gaps in your safety equipment list. Being open-minded and receptive by involving workers allows you to offer more comprehensive protection. Seeking workers' input to build a safety equipment list that reflects their needs and meets their goals will help reduce mistakes on the job. 

Monitor workers as they perform their different tasks to try to identify things that can be easily overlooked. For example, their gloves may not fit correctly while handling specific tools, or a face shield would be more suitable for a particular job than safety glasses. Reducing the risk of distractions and ensuring PPE fits correctly and is ideal for the job is paramount in creating a safety equipment list. 

Significant factors to consider when building your list. First, make sure you and your crew have sufficient lighting. It is crucial to have enough lighting to detect potential threats and be seen when on the job. Our Halo SL offers visibility for a quarter of a mile, a 50 ft spotlight, rechargeable, cord-free, and is compatible with the standard hard hat. Sufficient lighting is a critical factor for any high-risk, low-light job. 

Another factor to consider is temperature. Uncomfortable temperatures may also affect a team's ability to work at their best. Try to keep your crew comfortable in extreme temperatures. Consider materials for the minimum and max density for the job. 

A good safety equipment list benefits everyone. Creating an effective list helps protect your linemen crew from injuries and employers from costly and damaging issues. 

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