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Lineman Jobs: The unsung public service heroes 

There are a good deal of professions that require workers to work in high-risk environments. But there is a profession that is frequently overlooked, and that is the work of a lineman. A lineman's job is one of the essential jobs. Electrical linemen are the first people on the scene during and directly after a storm when the power goes out. They are often required to work with live power lines in challenging environments to have our power up and running as quickly as possible. 

Linemen work to keep the power on. This keeps us comfortable, safe, and we can enjoy our conveniences with the electricity that we all have come to rely on. Electricity is a comfort and convenience we have come to expect. Linemen work in hazardous circumstances, in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, carrying heavy gear and working with hot wires. Linemen are tasked with maintaining our energy source. It's a huge responsibility that is often overlooked. 

We see how essential linemen are to keeping our country going and that they keep the lights on. Hospitals, emergency services, and the general public wouldn't have the convenience of electricity for these essential workers. That is why we created the Halo SL to help these virtual workers illuminate their task at hand, see and be seen, and keep them safe so they can go home when the job is done. Our founder wanted to be on every job site when he was a kid, and the Halo SL gives him the ability to be a part of every task where a hard hat is worn. Linemen are essential workers and need essential gear. 

Safety is the top priority in any job. Linemen are maintaining power lines and working in stressful conditions. Our mission is to illuminate these people working in high-risk situations, making them safer in any environment. A couple of ways our Halo SL's help in these low-light high-risk environments is the brake light halo, which indicates the wearer's direction. 360-degree visibility for a quarter of a mile and the 50 ft task light. 

A top priority for linemen is safety for them and their crew and keeping our electricity on, so our ultimate mission is to help create a safer environment. We are here to illuminate the individual so they can be identified in any environment. We are making them safer in any situation. 

So please, if you see a lineman, thank them for their help. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't survive the storm. 

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